== Story == 

Dear journal, Today I was a good default cube. I didn't move. It's a little boring though. I wish I could go on adventures and beat bosses to a pulp! 

== Gameplay ==

 A turn-based strategy dice-building game where you pimp the famous Default Cube so it can - at last - realize his dream of defeating powerful bosses. Will you find the right combinations ? 

== Controls ==

  • Dice building : Rotate the dice by dragging Right Clic. 
  • Combat : Each turn, the next boss attack and Default Cube's front face will activate together. Then Default Cube will rotate to its top face, unless some attack turns it beforehand. Default Cube only have one HP, so you must use your brain and anticipate the boss patterns!

== Level 3, post jam addendum ==

"Charged Focus" description is a little off, it should be : "Gain one mana generation. For each mana generation, you gain one mana when you traverse an arrow. However, you loose your mana generation when you attack."


Made in 48h by Kuku and r0levrai for the GMTK game jam 2022. It was intense, but a little too short - the game lacks a proper presentation, but the gameplay is there :)


AdventuresOfTheDefaultCube_v1.1.zip 29 MB

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